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Composers: Todd Goodman | Alan Yamamoto | Kevin Babuder Authors: Justin Cober-Lake
Staff: Katie Goodman

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and his wife Nicole

born on August 2, 2005

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JUSTIN COBER-LAKE has been writing professionally since his 1999 graduation from Gettysburg College. He holds an MA in English with a concentration in American Studies from the University of Virginia. He currently writes as a music critic for PopMatters, Trouser Press, and Stylus Magazine, and he tackles a variety of subjects in his fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Mr. Cober-Lake has worked several times with composer Todd Goodman, including collaborations on "He Needs His Sleep," the children's symphony "Some Assembly Required," and Mr. Goodman's first symphony, "Fields of Crimson."

Besides being an independent scholar and freelance writer, Mr. Cober-Lake has spent time as a teacher, stockboy, golf instructor, journalist, fork-lift driver, referee, and webmaster. He's currently a representative for InteLex, an academic publishing company. He is also busy recording his first pop EP.

Mr. Cober-Lake currently resides with his wife Nicole and their daughter Ava in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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